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Valium is one of many prescribed benzodiazepines medications used to manage conditions like anxiety and muscle spasms. Despite being a common drug, many may not be aware of its potentially harmful effects, including withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop using. If you or someone you care about is suffering from a dependency on and addiction to Valium, Liberty Health’s Valium detox program may be the answer. Contact us online today or call us at 855.959.4521 to learn about our respected Valium addiction treatment center in New Hampshire.

A Brief History of Valium Addiction

valium addiction treatment new hampshireValium is in prescription form as a pill, although when misused and abused, the drugs can be crushed, injected, or snorted. It targets receptors in the brain responsible for a heightened sense of sedation and anxiety relief, as well as for mediating the anti-seizure and promoting sleep. Until the late 1990s, Valium was commonly prescribed for short-term treatments of anxiety caused by stress and insomnia. Additionally, because they’re cross-tolerant with alcohol, benzodiazepine drugs like Valium were also often used to treat alcohol withdrawal, controlling potentially dangerous symptoms during alcohol detox.

Valium abuse often occurs after people have been prescribed the medication by their doctor. This is because tolerance to the drug’s effects grows after usage for extended periods of time, which then can cause some patients to increase their dosage. The abuse of Valium may have stemmed from being prescribed for longer than medically necessary or appropriate, typically six months or longer.

Side Effects of Valium

Valium is powerful and could cause some serious side effects when used and abused, including:

  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Erratic thoughts and behavior
  • Depression
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Dizziness

The Importance of a Valium Addiction Treatment Program

The best first step to overcome this addiction is through Valium detox in a safe and supervised environment, like Liberty Health’s Valium addiction treatment center. This is because the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the use of Valium are uncomfortable, at best, and can be life-threatening at worst.

While withdrawing, you may experience a return of the anxiety that warranted the Valium prescription in the first place. Some other symptoms of Valium withdrawal may include:

  • Muscle tension
  • Agitation and severe restlessness
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Hallucinations
  • Grand mal seizures

These symptoms make it difficult to function, and you may feel as though you are becoming unhinged. This is why it’s crucial to know that you are not alone in this battle. A medical facility like Liberty Health Services exists to help you recover from your Valium addiction. Our luxurious Valium addiction treatment program is designed to discreetly keep you safe during a Valium detox. Then, you’ll move on to rehab, therapy, aftercare, and learn essential life skills and coping mechanisms that will help you enjoy a healthier, happier life in recovery.

A Valium Addiction Treatment Program

At Liberty Health Services’ warm and friendly facility located in the southern New Hampshire woods, you will experience a compassionate Valium detox and individualized addiction treatment program in a luxury setting. It feels more like a five-star hotel than a traditional rehab facility. During your treatment, you will receive holistic care that focuses on your entire body, mind, and spirit, which will not only help to get you clean but also teach you the importance of physical fitness, music and art, nutrition, sleep, and how living a fuller life can promote a healthier and happier life.

Begin to Heal with Valium Addiction Treatment at Liberty Health Services

If you or someone you care about is misusing Valium and growing dependent on the drug, learn how Liberty Health’s Valium addiction treatment program in New Hampshire can be the first step toward recovery. Contact us using our secure online form or call us at 855.959.4521 today.