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Medical Detox Programs in new hampshireWhen you have a drug or alcohol addiction that is out of your control, it can be risky to try to quit on your own. While ending drug or alcohol use can be the best decision you can ever make, trying to quit “cold turkey” can be dangerous and even deadly. If you have a severe addiction, you need professional help to end your dependence on drugs or alcohol. However, you also want to receive alcohol or drug rehab in a relaxed atmosphere as you progress through a private addiction treatment program.

Liberty Health Services’ private detox center is located in Derry, New Hampshire, right in the heart of scenic New England. Our private detox center allows you to go through the detox process in a serene environment. Also, our staff is committed to your safety and comfort. Our compassionate care will ensure that you have the support that you need to learn how to end your dependence on drugs or alcohol through a drug or alcohol detox program. The first step in recovery is determining whether the private detox program at Liberty Health Services may be the best option for you.

Do I Need Medical Detox?

You know yourself best, so honestly ask yourself the following questions to see if a private detox program is in your best interests:

  • Are you isolating yourself so that you can use drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you tried to quit using drugs or alcohol before with no success?
  • Are you having legal or financial problems due to your drug or alcohol use?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have your substance of choice?
  • Have friends or family members expressed concern about your addiction?
  • Have you neglected your work, school, or family responsibilities due to your use of drugs or alcohol?

If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions, you might have a drug or alcohol addiction that requires a medical detox program at Liberty Health Services. You can always reach out to our team by calling 855.959.4521 or completing our online form today.

What Is a Medical Detox Program?

A medical detox program allows you to rid your body of the toxins and chemicals that have fueled your drug or alcohol addiction. While you are in our medical private detox program, our Liberty Health Services team will ensure that you are going through the detox program as comfortably and safely as possible. We want your experience with us to give you the solid foundation for recovery that you need and deserve. Our private detox program gives you the plush surroundings that give you the peace of mind that you need to succeed in recovery.

What Are Some Benefits of a Medical Drug Detox Program?

There are numerous benefits of a private detox program at Liberty Health Services, including:

  • Our staff can monitor your vital signs so that you can detox safely.
  • You can detox in the private detox center so you can maintain your privacy.
  • If necessary, we can give you medication to ease your withdrawal symptoms as you detox.
  • While you are in our medical detox center, you have time away from your day-to-day life so that you can solely focus on your recovery.
  • Studies have shown that someone who goes through detox has a higher chance of long-lasting recovery.

Choose Liberty Health Services Medical Detox Center

When you enter the medical detox program at Liberty Health Services in New Hampshire, you can be assured that you will receive the highest level of treatment in a comfortable setting. If you are considering a medical private detox program for drug or alcohol addiction, reach out to our team today. Contact us now by calling 855.959.4521 or completing our confidential online form.