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Learning that you or your loved one is dealing with a dependence on opioids can feel like a nightmare, and you’re frozen in fear, unable to make it stop. It’s okay to feel this way, but the good news is that these feelings will pass, and can be eased by learning more about opioid addiction, the process of quitting, detox centers and programs near you, and what options lie beyond detox.

If you or a loved one are in need of more information or urgent help to manage a substance abuse problem, Liberty Health Services is a medically supervised detox center serving Southern New Hampshire that can help. Our compassionate and experienced staff provide comprehensive care in our detox programs. 

Should I Be Concerned About Opioid Addiction?

opioid detox centerOpioid addiction affects people from all walks of life. You may be concerned about opioid addiction because:

  • You had cancer and had to take OxyContin or Valium to manage pain or go through surgeries.
  • You may have started self-medicating with opioids so that you could make it through another day in a home where you didn’t feel safe or accepted.
  • You may have a family member who is showing signs of opioid addiction, and you don’t know what to do.

Whether opioid addiction has taken over your life or the life of a loved one, Liberty Health Services can help. Our substance abuse treatment program can be the first step in genuine, long-lasting recovery.

What Is Opioid Detox Treatment?

The priority when starting detox treatment is to do so in a medically safe way. Quitting an opioid without careful medical management can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and mood changes. At Liberty Health Services, our individualized care in an intimate setting allows our clients to receive the attention to detail needed in detox management.

  • Medication-assisted treatment is offered for clients who need monitoring and assistance getting through withdrawal from opioids.
  • The therapy options available include individual and family therapy. Each client will have a therapist that works with them individually every day. For other therapies, we are happy to refer you to partners who we trust.
  • Relapse prevention plans are key to maintaining the progress made in detox. We can help you to bridge the gap between addiction and your future.

What To Expect In Opioid Detox and After

Withdrawal from opioids can be difficult and uncomfortable, which is why knowing what to expect, anticipating needs, and preparation are crucial to successful detox and relapse prevention. Here are some of the highs and the lows you may experience in detox treatment:

  • Sweating, stomach cramps, insomnia, muscle pain, and blood pressure changes are some symptoms of withdrawal from opioids. With careful monitoring and professional medication management, these symptoms can be mitigated, and withdrawal will be easier.
  • Relapse is a common occurrence for those who struggle with opioid addiction. However, with the right treatment plan and family support, lasting change can be achieved.
  • The length of any client’s detox treatment will depend on factors such as age, how long the addiction has lasted, and their physical and mental health. Because each individual will have their own personal needs, it’s important not to judge success based on how quickly it is done but on the care taken to ensure it will last.
  • After detox, it’s important to plan aftercare and further treatment to maintain sobriety. Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, as well as continued family and individual therapy, are all options for continued support.

Overcome Opioid Addiction with Help from Liberty Health Services

Although the past and the present may feel heavy and bleak due to opioid addiction, the future is waiting for you. If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid abuse and you are looking for a safe haven where you can find healing, Liberty Health Services is ready to help. Learn more from our team by calling 855.959.4521 or completing our online form. Take the first step in your recovery journey today.