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Experiencing drug addiction can feel incredibly isolating. Family and friends might have trouble understanding or relating to what you are going through. You might feel as though you have no one to talk to or ask questions about what is happening or how you can free yourself. Finding a drug detox program with a community of people who understand what it is like to experience addiction and want to help you find recovery can make a life-saving difference. In a drug addiction treatment program like Liberty Health Services in Derry, New Hampshire, you will find the support and help you need to quit drugs and start living your life again.

What Is a Drug Addiction Treatment Program?a man talks to a therapist at a drug addiction treatment program in new hampshire

Drug addiction treatment is a process by which clients first go through a detox, also called medically-supervised withdrawal. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff monitor the client, offering support and, if necessary and appropriate, medications to help ease the physical discomfort of withdrawal. The client’s safety is paramount while their body clears the toxic substances.

Often, even after the drugs are cleared and the client is no longer physically addicted, further treatment is needed to help the client recover psychologically as well as physically. Some clients may be living with an underlying mental or physical illness, and some may be traumatized from the experience of addiction. No matter what your situation, though, our kind and compassionate staff are ready to help guide you through the process from start to finish.

What Kinds of Drug Treatment Programs Are Offered at Liberty Health Services?

We offer treatment programs for an array of substances. Some of them are:

  • Alcohol
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Synthetic drugs
  • Prescription drugs

If you have questions about anything on the list, reach out to our caring and professional staff at 855.959.4521. We are available to answer your questions and help you figure out if Liberty Health Services is the right choice for your treatment needs.

What Are the Benefits of Drug Addiction Treatment?

Studies show that people who complete a full drug addiction treatment program are much more likely to maintain their sobriety than people who do not seek treatment or who only complete partial treatment. There are so many reasons to attend a drug addiction treatment program. Some of the benefits are:

  • In a treatment program, you will be able to focus fully on recovery with no distractions.
  • Our detox facility is luxurious and private, letting you rest comfortably knowing that discretion is a high priority.
  • Treatment at Liberty Health Services is family-centered, meaning that we treat your loved ones as well as you. This promotes healing and strong support networks.
  • You will regain physical and mental strength, giving you the power you need to recover from addiction.
  • You will be able to concentrate on your recovery without worrying about daily living needs, just as if you were in a luxury hotel.

If you or a loved one has been battling addiction, don’t continue trying to fight alone. Our premiere treatment facility in beautiful Derry, New Hampshire, offers highly individualized care. Because we are a very small facility, we can offer a luxurious and ultra-private experience to our clients. Medical and counseling staff implement state-of-the-art treatments and therapeutic techniques to ensure that our clients receive the best care available.

Addiction Recovery Starts Today

We know that addiction is an illness, and we know that it can devastate lives. However, we also know that recovery is possible, and we want to help our clients regain their joy and confidence in life just like so many clients before have done. Your safety and comfort are our first concern. Call our understanding and professional staff today at 855.959.4521 to learn what Liberty Health Services can do to help you free yourself from addiction and rejoin life.