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opiate detox center new hampshireOpiate use often begins with a legitimate prescription from a doctor. However, after the prescription runs out, some people still feel the need to continue using opiates. At this point, opiate abuse has turned into opiate addiction. In order to continue this addiction, some people turn to heroin, which is an illegal street drug that is more widely available and has the same effect on the user as opiate prescriptions. In some cases, an opiate detox program is the only way someone can stop using heroin or painkillers.

Liberty Health Services can help people get the high-quality treatment they deserve for opiate addiction or heroin addiction. Our opiate detox program combined with our team of experts can be the fundamental tools that you or someone you care about can use to stop using heroin or painkillers.

Do I Need an Opiate Detox Program?

Opiates are derived from the opium plant and used to treat pain. These substances carry a high risk of addiction for anyone who takes them for a prolonged period, even if they are used as prescribed. Types of opiate drugs include opium, codeine, morphine, and opium.

The term opioid, on the other hand, is broader and refers to any drug synthesized from an opiate that produces similar effects. Perhaps the most well-known opioid is heroin. Heroin addiction has similar adverse effects as opiate addiction. If you are abusing opiates or heroin, it is wise to consider entering an opiate detox program at Liberty Health Services. Perhaps you are unsure whether a medical detox program is right for you, so honestly ask yourself the following:

  • Are you lying about pain to receive prescriptions for opioids or “doctor shopping” to get multiple prescriptions?
  • Are you continuing your opiate abuse despite negative health consequences?
  • Have you tried to stop using heroin or opiates in the past without any success?
  • Are loved ones expressing concern about your opiate addiction or heroin addiction?
    Have you isolated
  • Are you experiencing legal or financial issues because of your opiate addiction?

These are signs that the opiate detox program at Liberty Health Services can be the game-changing factor that you may need to stop using heroin or painkillers.

What Is an Opiate Detox Program Like at Liberty Health Services?

It can be hazardous to try to end your opiate abuse without professional help. Withdrawal symptoms can become quite painful, and sometimes, can even be fatal. At Liberty Health Services, we want you to stop using heroin or painkillers in the safest and most comfortable way possible. When you are enrolled in our opiate detox program, you are closely monitored by our team to make sure that your withdrawal symptoms are minimized.

What Are Some Benefits of an Opiate Detox Program?

The numerous benefits of an opiate detox program at Liberty Health Services include:

  • Our team of experts is continually monitoring medical symptoms throughout the detox process.
  • We can provide medication to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Therapeutic support is an essential component throughout the detox process.
  • You are in a safe environment that gives you time away from the stress of everyday life.

Take the First Step to End Your Opiate Addiction Today

Opiate addiction doesn’t have to control your life. If you want to stop using heroin or painkillers, the addiction treatment programs at Liberty Health Services in Derry, New Hampshire, can help. Our resources can give you the foundation to rebuild your life, free from opiate abuse or opiate addiction. Reach out to our team today by calling 855.959.4521 or completing our secure online form. Don’t wait another day to get the compassionate treatment that you need and deserve.