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Recovery from a substance use disorder for those addicted is often a physical and mental challenge. However, individual therapy can be an essential tool that can help people overcome this challenge.

Liberty Health Services offers a well-rounded platform that includes a variety of addiction therapy programs. Our individual therapy program is a critical part of our array of programs and services. If you are considering addiction treatment for yourself or someone in your family, our individual therapy program can be a crucial part of the healing process in recovery.

What Is Individual Therapy?

 individual therapy new hampshireAs the name suggests, individual therapy provides a private approach to treatment. Individual therapy one-on-one treatment program that will usually include psychotherapy and behavioral therapy.

An individual therapy program allows the therapist to get to know the client and understand their needs. They build rapport and work together towards your established goals.

What Do You Talk About in Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy addresses emotional and mental health issues that may contribute to substance use. Often drugs and alcohol are a way to self-medicate. This therapy helps work through these issues.

Individual therapy is also about identifying triggers and stressors. These things are tough to recognize without it. The therapist also helps you work through some common issues associated with addiction, such as:

  • Situational stress — This common issue can be stress from work, relationships, family associations, and life situations that everyone experiences.
  • Environmental issues — The environment can play a significant role in addiction. It is important to address the environmental factors that contribute to drug and alcohol use like addiction or abuse in families and even lack of housing or employment.
  • Social triggers — Social triggers are one of the most influential factors in both substance use and relapse. Social triggers are typically friends who like to party and peer pressure. They may also include family members that drink or use drugs.

The key point to remember is that individual therapy is a learning experience. A therapist helps you find abilities that improve your recovery and the things that might impede it. They also listen to your concerns and discuss issues without judgment.

How Does Individual Therapy Fit into the Program at Liberty Health Services?

Liberty Health Services offers individual therapy programs in New Hampshire. We set you up with a therapist that you meet with daily to build a relationship. This type of one-on-one interaction is a hallmark in the treatment at Liberty Health Services. We believe that personalized attention is the key to helping you find the right path to recovery — one that focuses on your individual skills and strength.

Understanding addiction and what triggers it is critical to lasting recovery. Individual therapy is an opportunity to work through these issues in private with a therapist trained to help.

We give you a safe space to share sensitive information with someone who won’t judge you. That is guidance that can make all the difference as you heal.

What Other Programs Are Available at Liberty Health Services?

Liberty Health Service offers individual therapy in New Hampshire, but that is not all you find there. We provide you with a luxury and private detox facility nestled in the woods of New Hampshire.

The benefits we offer include:

  • Detox — We specialize in detox services in most substances, including alcohol and opioids.
  • A small, intimate treatment environment — We have just 24-beds.
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) — We are trained to administer MAT, a combination of medication and therapy for opioid or alcohol use disorder.
  • Family therapy — Simply put, families are an essential support system for recovery.

Immerse Yourself in Individual Therapy at Liberty Health Services

Addiction is a complex disease, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. The individual therapy program at Liberty Health Services can help you address and then learn how to overcome the emotional wounds causing your addiction. Learn more today by calling us at 855.959.4521 or go online and fill out our contact form. Our expert staff at Liberty Health Services is here to help.