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Admitting you have a prescription drug addiction, making the difficult decision to ask for help, and seeking treatment are the crucial first steps in your eventual recovery. Because the next best step is a prescription drug detox to remove the medications from your system, a professional prescription drug withdrawal management program will be an integral part of your success story in overcoming your addiction.

If you or a loved one struggles with prescription drug addiction, reach out to the medical professionals at Liberty Health Services online or call 855.959.4521 today. Our prescription drug detox program can be the first step in genuine, long-term recovery.

Prescription Drugs Most Likely to Cause Withdrawal

Prescription Drug Withdrawal new hampshireThe most commonly abused prescription medications can quickly cause tolerance and dependence. When this happens, you will be at risk of suffering from withdrawal when you stop taking the drugs, either voluntarily because you want to get clean or involuntarily because you’ve run out. Even if you have not been misusing and abusing the drugs prescribed to you by a doctor, some withdrawal symptoms may still occur.

For example, you may be at risk of suffering some withdrawal symptoms if you have been taking or abusing any of certain types of prescription drugs for more than two to four weeks. This is especially true for drugs such as:

  • Opiate and opioid painkillers
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Sleeping medications (Z List prescription drugs)
  • Gabapentinoids
  • Stimulant prescription drugs

While a period as short as two weeks can cause withdrawal, the longer you take the drugs and the higher the dosage, the more severe the prescription drug withdrawal symptoms will be. Opiates and benzodiazepines specifically can quickly bring on a physical tolerance and dependence that proves dangerous when trying to stop. This is why doctors will often taper you off of the drug, but if your addiction has set in, you may be at risk. These drugs are also famously the most challenging to quit, thanks to the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms they cause.

The Importance of a Prescription Drug Withdrawal Management Program

The symptoms of withdrawal from prescription medications, typically narcotics such as Vicodin, Xanax, or Oxycontin, drugs that were initially prescribed to help with your chronic pain or recovery from surgery but have since become a source of addiction, occur because your body and your mind have developed a tolerance to, and a dependency on, them.

You may have come to rely on the drugs to feel normal and to function each day. At Liberty Health Services, our prescription drug detox works to remove every last trace of the drugs from your system and the subsequent withdrawal is your body and mind reacting, often harshly, to this new normal. While challenging, this is where the rest of your life begins.

Withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Type of prescription drugs you are abusing
  • Frequency of use
  • Level of your dependence
  • Additional substances you are using

Attempting to stop using prescription drugs “cold turkey” without professional help and proper prescription drug withdrawal management may be dangerous and lead to relapse. At Liberty Health Services, our skilled and compassionate medical team can help with prescription drug withdrawal in New Hampshire to ensure your safety and increase the chances of your ultimate success in winning the battle against addiction.

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