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Substance Abuse Detox Center

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An accredited substance abuse detox center designed to help clients begin recovery in a healing environment.

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Individualized Substance
Abuse Detox Center

Everyone’s addiction story is unique! No two individuals have the exact background, mental health issues, or substance use issues. For that reason, we design completely personalized treatment plans that cater to the individual.


Our substance abuse detox center takes an integrated approach to treating addiction. We address substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health conditions, and medical care needs in our residential programs.

The Advantages of a Substance Abuse Detox Center

Stay in a safe and supportive environment

Receive support from a full medical team

Get treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions

Receive prescription medications to ease withdrawals

Participate in community integration activities

Focus 100% of your time and energy on recovery

Success Stories

Five star rating

Best place to detox…

“Best place to detox, I was nervous about going to a new place but it was the best thing to happen to me. They kept my mom up to date about my aftercare plan and made sure I was comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone!”

– Anna

Five star rating

Liberty Health Detox is a great facility!

“Liberty Health Detox is a great facility! They have an amazing staff who do their upmost to make your detox as comfortable as possible. They take pride in what they do. Their priority isn’t only to provide acute care while going through the withdrawal process, but also to help guide you in the proper aftercare that best suits you. I would recommend Liberty Health Services for any individual looking to take their first steps in overcoming substance abuse.”

– Jason

Five star rating

I can’t thank Liberty Detox enough.

“I can’t thank Liberty Detox enough. The staff helped me get off of suboxene , which I couldn’t do for the past 12 years. They were so accommodating to my needs. I also detoxed off of a long bout with alcohol. The casa workers helped me find aftercare. Liberty Detox is a state of the art Detox facility, Also the food was 5 star. I’ve been to plenty of other detox’s, but none of them gave me what Liberty gave me. Thank you to everyone at Liberty.”

– William

Treatment Phases

Our research shows that those who complete detox and rehab programs together are less likely to relapse and more likely to stay sober longer. It’s also critical to have an aftercare plan for when rehab is complete and it’s time to return to your everyday life.


– Cleanse –

Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and are a major trigger for relapse. Therapeutic activities and specialized medications will be used to help you manage these symptoms and reach a place of stability.


– Understand –

As withdrawal symptoms dissipate, you’ll transition into rehab, where we will focus on the psychological aspects of your addiction. You’ll work through the underlying causes of substance abuse, identify triggers for relapse, and build healthy coping skills.


– Apply –

Ongoing support can make a difference as you transition back into your everyday life. Aftercare can involve support groups, therapy sessions, and meetings to help you put what you’ve learned in treatment into practice.

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Substance Abuse Detox Center Services

During the detox and rehab process, you will benefit from a complementary mix of services that have proven to be effective.

Relapse prevention

Integrated treatment and medical intervention

Psychiatric care and medications for co-occurring disorders

Family therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Dual diagnosis therapy

Process groups

How Much Does a Substance Abuse Detox Center Cost?

Paying for addiction treatment

The cost of our substance abuse detox program at Liberty Health Services is different for everyone. Why? We create completely personalized plans based on each individual’s specific addiction, background, and mental health needs. We work with most insurance providers in the U.S. to provide the best coverage while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. To see if your provider will cover your or a loved one’s treatment, verify your insurance:

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