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Alcohol Detox Center

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The top alcohol detox center in the region dedicated to assisting clients in achieving long-term sobriety.

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Take back control, starting with building a strong foundation for recovery in detox.

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Individualized Alcohol
Detox Programs

Everyone’s addiction story is unique! We provide customized treatment to address the needs and goals of each of our clients. Through highly individualized care plans, our clients build the healthy coping skills they need for lasting recovery.


We use a multidisciplinary model to treat substance abuse at our alcohol rehabilitation center. It works in tandem with programs to address both drug addiction and mental health problems.

The Advantages of an Alcohol Detox Center

A doctor discusses the dangers of mixing alcohol and prozac with a patient

Stay in a safe and supportive environment

Receive support from a full medical team

Get treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions

Receive prescription medications to ease withdrawals

Participate in community integration activities

Focus 100% of your time and energy on recovery

Success Stories

Best place to detox…

“Best place to detox, I was nervous about going to a new place but it was the best thing to happen to me. They kept my mom up to date about my aftercare plan and made sure I was comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone!”

– Anna

Liberty Health Detox is a great facility!

“Liberty Health Detox is a great facility! They have an amazing staff who do their upmost to make your detox as comfortable as possible. They take pride in what they do. Their priority isn’t only to provide acute care while going through the withdrawal process, but also to help guide you in the proper aftercare that best suits you. I would recommend Liberty Health Services for any individual looking to take their first steps in overcoming substance abuse.”

– Jason

I can’t thank Liberty Detox enough.

“I can’t thank Liberty Detox enough. The staff helped me get off of suboxene , which I couldn’t do for the past 12 years. They were so accommodating to my needs. I also detoxed off of a long bout with alcohol. The casa workers helped me find aftercare. Liberty Detox is a state of the art Detox facility, Also the food was 5 star. I’ve been to plenty of other detox’s, but none of them gave me what Liberty gave me. Thank you to everyone at Liberty.”

– William

Treatment Phases

Detox is only the start of the recovery journey, though an important one. Once you’ve reached a place of stability, participating in a rehab program can help you work towards lasting, sustainable recovery.


– Cleanse –

Counseling, medical care, and 24/7 support can help you work through initial withdrawal symptoms and begin to build healthy coping skills and strategies. During this time, you’ll begin to identify triggers for relapse.

Residential Treatment

– Apply –

Group and individual therapy sessions can help you find perspective on your experiences with addiction and can provide the support you need to move forward. In our supportive, healing environment, you’ll discover your inner strength.

See if this treatment plan is right for you!

Alcohol Detox Center Services

During the detox process, you will be treated with a complementary combination of treatments that have been proven to aid recovery.

Medication-assisted treatment

Psychiatric care and medications for co-occurring disorders

Family therapy

Individual therapy program

Group therapy

Vivitrol treatment

How Much Does an Alcohol Detox Center Cost?

Paying for addiction treatment

The cost of our alcohol detox program at Liberty Health Services is determined on a person-by-person basis. Why? Each client in our care receives a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs and goals. We work with most major insurance providers to make treatment as accessible as possible. To learn whether your health insurance will cover your or a loved one’s care, use the form below:

Start Your Recovery

Taking the first step is half the battle. To begin your recovery journey, contact our admissions team today. You can give us a call or reach out online and we’ll get back to you right away.